I was inspired to start blogging some of my thoughts about the online advertising industry by my AppNexus co-founder's wonderful blog MikeOnAds. He's now publishing on Medium though less frequently about advertising these days.

By way of background, I've been building ad technology systems since 2000, starting as a consultant implementing real-time personalization systems for big companies like American Express, then as CTO of Right Media, and most recently as CEO of AppNexus.

I may at times write about companies that I have a financial interest in as an angel investor or as an advisor. Here are the ad tech companies that I have a financial relationship with:

  • 33 Across
  • Amino Payments
  • AppNexus
  • Datami
  • Dstillery
  • Intent Media
  • LiveIntent
  • MediaMath
  • SafeGraph
  • Thunder
  • WideOrbit