About BOKonAds

I was inspired to start blogging some of my thoughts about the online advertising industry by my AppNexus co-founder's wonderful blog MikeOnAds. He's now publishing on Medium though less frequently about advertising these days.

By way of background, I've been building ad technology systems since 2000, starting as a consultant implementing real-time personalization systems for big companies like American Express, then as CTO of Right Media, and most recently as CEO of AppNexus.

I wish I had more pictures from over the years, but here are some fun ones!

My wife, Elizabeth, puts up with my Princeton craziness:

My daughter, Anjali, thinks it's funny that a Burmese python is about to eat me:

I have three amazing siblings (and a brother in law):

My dear friend (and Right Media co-founder) Matt Philips is guilty of pulling me into this crazy space:

My first real job in ad tech was working for Joe Zawadzki at Poindexter...

I've had the pleasure of working closely with some of the smartest founders in the space like Scott Switzer (founder of OpenAds), Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg (founders of Invite Media), seen below in my apartment in December 2007 sketching out how RTB was going to work.

Here's Sergei Grigoriev, Boris Muzykantskii, and I building optimization systems at Right Media together in September 2006.

Here's how Mike and I really founded AppNexus:

Here's Mike, Teresa Soroka, and I in our office (my apartment) in October 2007, a few weeks after we founded the company. That couch is still in the AppNexus NYC office!

Here's the second AppNexus office - that's me on the phone with my laptop in the middle. This is about when we were doing a pilot with Microsoft leading up to their lead investment in our Series C round - can you imagine putting $50MM into this little company?

This is the AppNexus prod/eng team in November 2010. Shout out to Eddie Chou, front and center, who pointed out that the About link didn't work on this blog. See what you get for pointing out a bug!

Here's the AppNexus exec team - Michael Rubenstein and Mike Nolet - on a ski trip in March 2011.

We made it to the side of an NYC bus...

I don't mess around at holiday parties!