BOK interviewed in Digiday about Scope3

Did my first in-depth interview since we started Scope3:

Some key takeaways about Scope3 (but read the article, it's not that long):

  • “Our model is to get buyers to make emissions part of their spending decisions. We know that publishers and supply-side ad tech companies will go where the money is.”
  • Announced partnership with Blockthrough to drive adoption of Acceptable Ads, which are better for consumer experience and have a lower carbon footprint.
  • In the U.K., France and Australia, sustainability is the number one industry topic and there is immense interest from agencies and brands. I would say that in the U.S., it’s number two, maybe number three... but rising.
  • Google is not dominating the future of advertising. Look at how companies like Microsoft is reentering advertising — how cool is that?